The Teacher Leader Endorsement program consists of three courses, one of which is a school-based practicum.  These are courses offered at the post-master's level and can be completed in a summer and fall.

EDU 761: Instructional Leadership
This course will offer teacher leaders the chance to examine their own leadership styles and beliefs, while learning more about leadership in general, and school leadership, specifically. The culmination will be having developed skills and knowledge put to use as a team in developing real solutions to real world issues in the schools.

EDU 762: Evidence Based Practices
This course of study in instructional leadership will introduce teacher leader candidates to the research on, application of, and assessment of quality instruction. Consequently, as teacher leader candidates study and apply frameworks for quality teaching that lead to student learning, each will demonstrate proficiency in recognizing, modeling, and assessing quality instructional practices with colleagues.

EDU 764: Advanced Practicum
This course focuses on demonstrating the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for teacher leaders in school settings and to provide high levels of effective mentoring focused on improving teaching practices and learning for all students.