At Bluffton, you can supplement your MBA with a concentration to support your career aspirations. Through our one evening per week, two-year MBA program you will develop a general set of management skills in a variety of areas while the concentration will focus on a specific area. The concentration will consist of three or four specialized elective classes.

Concentrations are available in:

MBA with AN Accounting and Financial Management concentration

The accounting and financial management concentration within the Bluffton MBA prepares the student for leadership in the functional areas of finance and accounting in both the for-profit and non-profit context. Students aspiring to positions as a controller or a CFO will benefit from this concentration. This concentration is restricted to students who have already competed 18 semester hours of undergraduate accounting courses.

The four courses in the concentration are structured to fit the four areas that are addressed in the CPA exam so that graduates who wish to complete the CPA or other certification program may be ready for a CPA exam study course upon completion of the MBA program.

  • Financial Reporting (taken in place of Financial Decision Making in 1st Semester
  • Auditing
  • Business Environment
  • Business Regulation


MBA with A health care management concentration

The health care management concentration will help students who are health care professionals become familiar with new trends, regulations and state of the art management techniques. 


Certificate in health care management

A certificate in health care management is available to health care professionals who already hold an MBA.  Earn the certificate by taking these three specialized elective courses.

MBA with a Leadership concentration

The leadership concentration within the Bluffton MBA is designed for the person who is preparing for executive leadership roles in a wide range of organizational contexts.

The three courses in the concentration are designed to provide the student with a high level of self-awareness of his/her functioning in leadership situations, advanced people management skills and the ability to create a climate of organization change and innovation.

  • Assessing and Developing Leadership Skills
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Managing People in Organizations

MBA with a Sport management concentration

The sport management concentration within the Bluffton MBA prepares the student for leadership roles in a range of sport related settings including: educational institutions, recreation and fitness programs, professional sport organizations and sport oversight organizations.

Three courses that are specific to the concentration focus on the broad range of leadership issues that are present in competitive sports, the specific issues related to planning events and administering programs and positioning the organization within the social media context.

  • Leadership in Sport Administration
  • Sport Marketing and New Media
  • Sport and Athletics Administration


MBA with a production and operations management concentration

The productions and operations management concentration within the Bluffton MBA program prepares the student for positions in operations management, industrial research and design and supply chain management with in the manufacturing context.

Two of the courses focus on the approach that is often referred to as lean manufacturing and on the data processes used in planning and monitoring manufacturing programs. The third course focuses on the supervisory role of managers who have technical training but wish to develop strong interpersonal supervisory skills.

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