Types of gifts

Gifts of real estate, securities or property

Real estate
A gift of real estate may be a principal residence or vacation home, a farm, commercial building, subdivision lot or unimproved land. All gifts of real estate require prior approval by Bluffton University. Contact the development office to learn more about the approval process.

Personal property
If you would like to donate personal property to Bluffton, please contact the development office first. Some gifts require appraisal or advance approval to be accepted. Examples of gifts of property include, but are not limited to, rare books, art work, computer hardware/software or laboratory equipment,

Stocks, bonds or mutual funds
You may instruct your broker to transfer securities directly to:

DTC System #0057
Edwin D. Jones Investments
For further credit to Bluffton University
Account #246-01835-1-6
Bluffton University's Tax ID number is 34-4428207

The Edwin D. Jones representative in Bluffton is Mark Alliman, 419-358-2622.

To send securities to directly to Bluffton, please fill out the Stock or Bond Transfer form, or  please contact the development office for assistance. It will be necessary to use a stock power form.

For more information about gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds contact any development officer directly.