Lori Scheer Planchon

Lori (Scheer '02) Planchon appreciates her four years as a Bluffton student, which culminated with her earning a bachelor's degree in business administration. But she also remains grateful for the four years after graduation, when she stayed on campus as a staff member.

That job opportunity, as visit coordinator in the admissions office, combined with a tradition of giving started by her parents, Ned '65 and Judith (Yoh x67) Scheer, were significant factors in Planchon's decision to become a regular donor to the university.

Although back in her native south Florida, she is still part of the Loyal Bluffton program, for givers who renew their annual Bluffton Fund support of $100-$999 for five continuous years and at five-year intervals thereafter.

Planchon's parents, who met at Bluffton, were lured to Miami by jobs—Ned as a mathematics teacher at Miami Country Day School, an all-boys boarding school operated at the time by Bluffton graduate L.B. Sommers, and Judith as a stewardess for the former, Miami-based Eastern Air Lines.

Lori had been on campus with her parents as a child. And as a high school junior, when she was thinking that one of the large Florida universities would feel "like 13th grade," they convinced her to give Bluffton a look, she says.

She arrived for a visit in December 1997 and, "as a Miami girl, I was kind of excited to see snow," Planchon recalls. Impressed in part by the friendliness she encountered and "the fact that you could leave your keys in your car," and thinking, she says, that "it would be something different," she decided to follow in her parents' college footsteps in northwest Ohio.

After her first year at Bluffton, she settled into her business major and a job as student assistant to the admissions director. She also became active in Peer Awareness Leaders (PALS) and served as a resident adviser. As a senior, she was hall director in Hirschy Hall, completed a fall-semester internship in special events marketing at The Lima News and, in the spring, was interim admissions counselor for prospective out-of-state students.

Her interest in event planning helped her land the offer for the post-graduation position as campus visit coordinator, Planchon says. "It was a great time to be there," she adds, remembering the following four years with female co-workers who "were like second moms" and "a really good group of admissions counselors." From 2003-06, she was also hostess at, and a resident of, Mara-Alva House.

She is now an annual campus visitor, coming every fall from the Miami area, where she returned in 2009 and works with her parents. Members of Bluffton's President's Society, they encouraged her to give as well, "and I wanted to," says Planchon, who married her husband, Ryan, in July 2013. "I thought that was the right thing to do."

"We all have a special place for Bluffton."