Professional development

All faculty members are encouraged to contribute to scholarly debate and development within their disciplines, and model engaged learning for students and colleagues. The university is committed to faculty development to nurture and sustain the faculty as a vital and dynamic resource. In this regard, the faculty professional development program provides a variety of opportunities, resources and support through a mix of institutional and outside-funded initiatives.

Research grants

    • Bluffton University Research Center Grant
    • C. Henry Smith Peace Lectureship
    • Civic Engagement Theme Lectureship
    • Faculty Min-Leave
    • Karl V. Schultz Faculty Scholarship Grant*
    • Naomi E. Lehman Faculty Scholarship Grant*
    • Trollinger Faculty Scholarship Grant*

 * These research grants are endowed faculty scholarship grants, each providing one six-credit hour release over a two-year period.  These grants are made possible by generous gifts by the Lehman, Schultz and Trollinger families.

Sabbatical leaves

Professional development, travel and dues

The faculty professional development program is managed by Dr. Lamar Nisly, vice president and dean of academic affairs, in consultation with the faculty development committee. This faculty development team annually provides workshops on teaching and learning, effective sabbatical proposal development and grant writing, and resources for individual grant seekers. Amanda Davis, administrative assistant, manages information resources for faculty development. For more information about faculty development, please contact Amanda at or 419.358.3317.