C. Henry Smith guidelines

for the detailed c. henry smith lecture proposal

Using no more than three pages, provide specific detail on the proposal. Please include elaboration on each of the following items:

  • A description of the project and the methodologies or procedures for developing it.
  • A statement of the relevance and significance of the project for the peace witness of the Mennonites churches.
  • Clarification of how this project meets your personal goals and fits with your professional development.
  • Clarification of how this relates to previous projects or others that you currently have in process. Discuss complementarity and potential overlap.
  • Any efforts which you would propose for additional presentations or publication.
  • Include a preliminary list of proposed sources or resources for the project, listed in appropriate bibliographic format.
  • Include a projected budget that describes anticipated research and travel costs.
  • In addition, attach a copy of your current curriculum vitae or resume.