Benefits of Oatmeal

Though we're near the end of January, there's still time to celebrate National Oatmeal Month! Rich in fiber, this whole grain food can be a great addition to your diet. The soluble fiber found in oatmeal forms a gel in the intestines and slows digestion. This means you’ll stay full longer and have less of an urge to overindulge in other higher calorie foods. As a whole grain, oatmeal is also protective of the heart

Oats can be added to any meal, but a warm bowl of oatmeal is a fantastic breakfast option, especially through the cold winter months. Add milk or water, microwave, and spice it up by throwing in some fun extras. Top with blueberries, sliced strawberries or banana, walnuts or almonds, a scoop of peanut butter, or dried fruit for a boost of flavor and nutrients. Looking for something even easier? Try this simple overnight oats recipe: 

- Pour dried oats in a bowl, add your milk and toppings, store in the fridge overnight, then pop out in the morning and eat as is! Serve with a side of eggs or yogurt for an extra protein or dairy source.

Oatmeal promotes health without sacrificing flavor. celebrate it!