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Faculty Awards Banquet 15-16

Wellness Newsletter
Christmas will soon be here – with all of its mouth-watering food! In her column this month, Trina Stutzman, our Wellness Coach, will get you ready for enjoying holiday treats with minimal guilt. December newsletter

Faculty and Staff Recognition Dinner
Mark your calendars for the  Faculty and Staff Recognition Dinner at 6 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 29,  in Marbeck Center. More information will be provided soon.

Faith and Mission at Bluffton University

Wednesdays at noon, Kreider Room

During this luncheon series Bluffton faculty and staff share their faith traditions,  experiences and convictions they rely on to explore the ways Bluffton’s mission inspires and challenges faith.  Bring your lunch to Kreider Room on Wednesdays during Advent to reflect with colleagues and friends.

Dec. 14      Jeanna Haggard

Finals Breakfast!
The annual tradition of Finals Breakfast continues with the 2016 rendition of this student favorite. As is customary, we invite faculty and staff to volunteer their efforts to serve food and drinks, bus table, and provide entertainment throughout the evening. The date and time for this year’s event is 10 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13.

If you are interested in volunteering – to serve, sing or just help out generally – please email Brent Schroeder at schroederb@bluffton.edu. If you have a specific position you wish to fill, feel free to indicate that in your email as well.

On behalf of Marbeck Center Board, we are looking forward to this traditional event. We know that this event would not be possible without the contributions of the faculty and staff who volunteer their time. We are appreciative of your willingness to serve.

Buy a meal plan and support your favorite team
During this season of thankfulness and gratitude, Sodexo is proud to support the campus that we get to serve each and every day. From Nov. 25 to Dec. 19, you can support your favorite athletic team’s banquet by purchasing a meal plan! After all…this is also the season of enjoying good food!

Buy 10 meals and Sodexo will donate one meal to your favorite athletic team’s banquet!
Buy 30 and Sodexo will donate three meals to your favorite athletic team’s banquet!
Buy 60 and Sodexo will donate five meals to your favorite athletic team’s banquet!

Student, Faculty and Staff Directories at your fingertips!
As we continue to enhance the new Jenzabar EX administrative system, one of the many improvements is real-time directory information. Faculty and Staff with a log in are now able to access the alphabetical, internal student and faculty/staff contact information in real time.

Simply log in to my.bluffton.edu with your computer/email login. Select the Resource’s tab at the top of the page. You will see many helpful links on the left hand side (most of which were on the Bluffton secure site in the past). Click on the Directories link and then choose which set of constituents you wish to view. Although, you can print this PDF report, we are hoping to cut down on printing costs, thus you may want to view the information online. Be sure and check out the online public directory.  If you notice any changes that need to be made on any directories please contact the helpdesk at extension 3600.