Faculty Staff

Faculty Awards Banquet 15-16

Faculty Follies
Faculty Follies is making a return to campus during Homecoming week on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. Faculty Follies is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to come together and showcase their “talents” – no matter how strange!  Contact Homecoming activities advisors Brent Schroeder (schroederb@bluffton.edu) and Eli Herman (hermane@bluffton.edu) or student co-chairs Kelsi Fannin (fankla@bluffton.edu) and Shae Golden (golpsa@bluffton.edu) if you are interested and willing to participate.

The Wit is Back
The Witmarsum is officially back as the home for student-driven media at Bluffton University. This summer, a new website was built: www.blufftonwit.com, and a re-imaging of the radio station is underway.

Students interested in law
Colleagues, this is my annual plea for the names of both returning students and especially new students who are interested in pursuing law-related careers. I’d like to put them on my pre-law email list, which means they’ll receive various notes from law schools about recruiting and webinars, LSAT prep and the like. I may also try to organize one or two law-related events if there seems to be interest. Please send the names of any such students my way. ~ Perry Bush

Graduate School Fair, Sept. 22
Please encourage students to attend the upcoming Graduate School Fair, hosted by the Center for Career and Vocation. We currently have 18 schools registered with some registrations still coming in. encourage students to explore the programs that will be in attendance and email career@bluffton.edu to register. A current list of schools can be found at this page (click green Search Schools button). We would also like to invite you to visit the fair as well to greet and network with our visitors.

Recognition Dinner, Jan. 27
Bluffton University will be holding a dinner on Jan. 27, 2017, to recognize faculty and staff.