Dr. Cynthia Bandish

Cynthia Bandish, Ph.D.

Associate professor of English
Subject areas:
British literature, Victorian literature and history, Gothic literature, humanities
E-mail: bandishc@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3442
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 Dr. Susan Carpenter

Susan Streeter Carpenter, Ph.D.
Associate professor of English
Subject areas: Fiction writing, British (Scottish) literature, Native American and other ethnic literature
Email: carpenters@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3899
    10 Questions with Susan Carpenter

Dr. Jeff Gundy

Jeff Gundy, Ph.D.

Professor of English
Subject areas: Creative writing, poetry, American literature, modern literature, critical theory 
E-mail: gundyj@bluffton.edu 
Phone: 419-358-3283
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 Dr. Rebecca Janzen

Rebecca Janzen, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of Spanish
Subject areas: Spanish
E-mail: janzenr@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3418
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Dr. Lamar Nisly
L. Lamar Nisly, Ph.D.

Professor of English
English and Language department chair
Subject areas: American literature, fiction, religion and literature 
E-mail: nislyl@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3295
    10 Questions with Lamar Nisly

Kate Spike
Kate Spike, M.A.

Assistant professor of English
Subject areas: TESOL and linguistics
E-mail: spikek@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3496
    10 questions with Kate Spike

 Paul Neufeld Weaver
Paul Neufeld Weaver

Associate professor of education
Subject areas: Spanish and cultural studies
E-mail: weaverpn@bluffton.edu
Phone: 419-358-3327