Quality of educator preparation

The Praxis II tests are required by Title II, section 207 of the Higher Education Act (1998.) The purpose of the tests and the reports which follow are to inform the public about the quality of teacher preparation and, ultimately, to improve the quality of teaching. The Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Board of Regents require passing grades on the Praxis II assessments of content knowledge and pedagogy for licensure.

We ask that our candidates take specialty test(s) prior to clinical practice so we can be confident that they know the content. They must pass the test of pedagogy and content tests before receiving their Ohio teaching licenses. Our policy is to work with students who are having difficulty until they have success or choose to stop trying to pass the test.

2015 report overview (pdf)
2013-14 report summary (pdf)
2012-13 report summary (pdf)
2011-12 report summary (pdf)
2010-11 Praxis report summarysingle (pdf)
2009-10 Praxis report summarysingle (pdf)
2008-09 Praxis report summarysingle (pdf)
2007-08 Praxis report summarysingle (pdf)
2006-07 Praxis report summarysingle (pdf)
2005-06 Praxis report summary (pdf)
2004-05 Praxis report summary (pdf)
2003-04 Praxis report, updated (pdf)
2002-03 Praxis report, updated (pdf)
2001-02 Praxis report, updated (pdf)
2000-01 Praxis report, updated (pdf)
1999-2000 Praxis report, updated (pdf)