10 questions with

Sarah Cecire


What excites me about teacher education?
Teacher education prepares young people to go into a worthwhile and very needed profession.

I knew I was destined to teach teacher education...
while doing my graduate work. I was employed as a graduate assistant teaching Instructional Media to undergraduate education majors. I enjoyed teaching at the higher education level, so it was natural to look for a position in higher education upon completing my coursework for the Ph.D.

Favorite class to teach?Dr. Sarah Cecire
The reading and technology classes because they are both areas of interest.

What did you teach before becoming a professor?
Taught grades K-8, mostly remedial reading classes with some math.

Favorite place/time/event on campus?
Fall when the trees are all changing colors.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy...
Traveling. Favorite location Alaska.

My favorite elementary/middle/high school teacher was...
9th grade social studies teacher because he had good group projects and not just straight lectures.

My first job was...
Working as a camp counselor at a Girl Scout camp. My first teaching position was a Title I reading position in Topeka, Kan.

As a college student I was involved in...
Choir and lifeguarding. Also volunteered as a Girl Scout troop leader. Today I'm involved in the choir and bell choir at my church.

Someday I would like to...
Do more traveling.

How has the teaching field changed since I have been around it?
Technology has played a big part. There weren't computers in the classroom at first. Now students are much more tuned in to technology, classrooms are more wired. In my first classroom there was a blackboard, not even a white dry erase board. Now teachers use Smart Boards.