Assignment for Art 380: Studies in Art: Women Artists

Mills College, Oakland
*El Campanil, 1903-4
Margaret Carnegie Library, 1905-6
*Introduction to Morgan's early houses
Speculative Houses, Berkeley, 1905
Linforth Houses, Berkeley, 1907
Methodist Chinese Mission School, San Francisco, 1907-10
*St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, 1908-10
Kings Daughters Home, Oakland, 1908-12
Watt House, San Francisco, 1911
*YWCA, Oakland, 1913-15
*Asilomar (YWCA Conference Center), Pacific Grove, 1913-37--Introduction
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Administration Building
The Chapel
Employees housing (Hilltop Cottage and Tide Inn)
The Lodge and Scripps Lodge
Merrill Hall
*Examiner Building, Los Angeles, 1915
Turner Stores, Oakland, 1916
Rosenberg House, San Francisco, 1917
Berkeley Baptist Divinity School, 1918-19
*Hearst Castle, San Simeon, 1920-48
Approach to the Castle
Neptune Pool
Casa del Monte
Casa del Sol
Casa del Mar
Casa Grande (Main Building)
Casa Grande--side views
Terraces, Stairways, and Tiles
Emanu-el Sisterhood Residence, San Francisco, 1921-22
YWCA, Pasadena, 1921
*The Heritage, San Francisco, 1924-29
Phoebe Apperson Hearst Memorial Gymnasium, University of California at Berkeley, 1925-27
Morgan's House (remodeled), San Francisco, c. 1925
*Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland, 1926-30 [2 pages]
Williams House, Berkeley, 1928
The Residence (YWCA), San Francisco, 1929-30
*Berkeley Women's City Club, Berkeley, 1929-30
*Chinese YWCA, San Francisco, 1930