(New York: Thames and Hudson, Third Edition, 2002)

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INTRODUCTION: Art History and the Woman Artist

CHAPTER ONE: The Middle Ages

CHAPTER TWO: The Renaissance Ideal

CHAPTER THREE: The Other Renaissance

CHAPTER FOUR: Domestic Genres and Women Painters in Northern Europe

CHAPTER FIVE: Amateurs and Academics: A New Ideology of Femininity in France and England

CHAPTER SIX: Sex, Class, and Power in Victorian England

CHAPTER SEVEN: Toward Utopia: Moral Reform and American Art in the Nineteenth Century

CHAPTER EIGHT: Separate but Unequal: Women's Sphere and the New Art

CHAPTER NINE: Modernism, Abstraction, and the New Woman, 1910-25

CHAPTER TEN: Modernist Representation: The Female Body

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Gender, Race, and Modernism after the Second World War

CHAPTER TWELVE: Feminist Art in North America and Great Britain

CHAPTER THIRTEEN: New Directions: A Partial Overview


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