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Eva Gonzalès, At the Opera, , 1874

Separate but Unequal: Women's Sphere and the New Art

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See additional artists: Cecilia Beaux and Lilla Cabot Perry

(120) Jenny Brownscombe

The New Scholar, 1878
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(121) Alice Barber Stephens

The Female Life Class ,1879

(122) Susan MacDowell Eakins

Portrait of Thomas Eakins, 1889

(123) Berthe Morisot

Mother and Sister of the Artist , 1870
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(124) Mary Cassatt

Mother and Child, c. 1905
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(125) Eva Gonzales

Pink Morning, 1874
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(126) Marie Bracquemond

Tea-Time, 1880
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(127) Mary Cassatt

A Cup of Tea, c. 1880
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(128) Mary McLaughlin

Losanti porcelain, c. 1890
Losanti vessel carved and modeled with blossoms in grain-of-rice technique, under glossy white glaze with oxblood flashes

(129) Berthe Morisot

Psyche, 1876
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(130) Mary Cassatt

Woman in Black at the Opera, 1880
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(131) Kate Faulkner

wallpaper design for Morris and Company, after 1885
vine and pomegranate carpet

(132) Candace Wheeler

printed silk, c. 1885
fabric and wallpaper designs

(133) Maria Longworth Nichols (Storer)

vase, 1897
another vase, front and back
Illustrated essay on Rookwood pottery
Images of Rookwood pottery

(134) Sophia Hayden

Woman’s Building at the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893
another view, both at Digital Archive of American Architecture
view of the interior

(135) Frances Benjamin Johnson

Self-Portrait, 1896

(136) Albert Morrow

The New Woman, 1897

(137) Alice Barber Stephens

The Woman in Business, 1897

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