Catalog of links keyed to Whitney Chadwick's Women, Art, and Society

Lilly Martin Spencer, Domestic Happiness, , 1849

Toward Utopia: Moral Reform and American Art in the Nineteenth Century

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See also The Peale Women

See also American Needlework--text and images

See also these two sites on Godey's The Lady's Book:
Hope Greenberg's site
University of Rochester site

(106) Eunice Pinney

The Cotters, Saturday Night, c. 1815
See also Lolotte and Werther, 1810.
See also Memorial for Diadama, 1816.
See also Two Women, 1815

(107) Anonymous needleworker

Needlework case with abolitionist slogan, c. 1830-50

(108) Anonymous quilter

"Underground Railroad", c. 1870-90
See this illustrated essay on the African American quilting tradition.

(109) Harriet Powers

Pictorial Quilt, c. 1895-98
See additional links.

(110) Anonymous quilter

Women Rig(hts), 1850s

(111) Navajo weaver

Navajo Chief’s blanket, Third Phase, 1870s
See Navajo Classic Serape-style Wearing Blanket, c. 1875 at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

(112) Lilly Martin Spencer

We Both Must Fade , 1869
See additional links

(113) Harriet Hosmer

Zenobia in Chains, 1859
See also Oenone, 1854-55.
See essay on American art and classicism with an image of Medusa, 1854.
See site with four additional works.
See 4 additional works.

(114) Emma Stebbins

Industry, 1860
See also the following for images of Angel of Waters, designed by Emma Stebbins in 1873: close-up image, distant image, and another close up .

(115) Harriet Hosmer

Beatrice Cenci, 1857
See 4 additional works.

116 Margaret Foley

William Cullen Bryant, 1867

(117) Edmonia Lewis

Forever Free, 1867
See additional links.

(118) Anne Whitney

Charles Sumner, 1900
See additional links.

(119) Vinnie Ream Hoxie

Abraham Lincoln, 1871
See also Samuel Jordan Kirkwood,Governor of Iowa, n.d. and another image at The Capitol Project
See also Sequoya, 1817 at The Capitol Project.

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