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Rosa Bonheur, Herd of Sheep in the Pyrenees, n.d.

Sex, Class, and Power in Victorian England

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FEATURED ARTIST: Julia Margaret Cameron (115 images)

See also this Women Pre-Raphaelite Artists with brief information and images of the following:

Rosa Brett
Evelyn Pickering de Morgan
Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
Elizabeth Siddal
Kate Bunce
Joanna Boyce
Lucy Madox Brown
Jane Benham Hay
Marie Spartali Stillman
Anna Blunden
Barbara Bodichon
Rebecca Solomon
Emma Sandys
Marianne Perindelsberger Stokes

(87) "Lady Students at the National Gallery"

Illustrated London News, November 21, 1885

(88) Emily Mary Osborn

Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, before 1891
See also Mrs. Sturgis and her Children, 1855

(89) Edith Hayllar

Feeding the Swans, 1889
See also A Summer Shower, 1883

(90) Alice Walker

Wounded Feelings, 1861

(91) Clementina, Lady Hawarden

photograph of a model, 1860s
See also Girl at a Window, early 1860's and Photographic Study, c. 1860
Additional photos and information

(92) Anna Blunden

The Seamstress, 1854
See also Woman Sewing, by William McGregor Paxton (American, 1869-1941), c. 1913

(93) Rebecca Solomon

The Governess, 1854

(94) Emily Mary Osborn

Nameless and Friendless, 1857

(95) Evelyn Pickering de Morgan

Medea, 1889
See additional links.

(96) Rosa Bonheur

The Horse Fair, 1855
The Horse Fair, engraving, 1860
See additional links.

(97) Elizabeth Thompson (Lady Butler)

Calling the Roll After an Engagement, Crimea, 1874
See also The Remnants of an Army, 1879
See also Scotland Forever!, 1881 and detail
See also The Defence of Rorke's Drift, 1879
See also Quatre Bras 1815, 1875

(98) Walter Deverell

A Pet, 1852-53
See also Viola and Olivia, etching [Elizabeth Siddal as model for Viola]

(99) Rosa Bonheur

Plowing in the Nivernais, 1848
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(100) Engraved after Rosa Bonheur

West Highland Bull, 1866

(101) Black Beauty

Frontispiece, 1877

(102) Margaretta Burr

Interior of a Hareem, Cairo, 1846

(103) Marianne North at her Easel

Grahamstown, South Africa, late nineteenth century
Untitled flower painting by North
brief biography and bibliography relating to Marianne North

(104) Henrietta Ward

Queen Mary Quitted Stirling Castle on the Morning of Wednesday, April 23. . . , 1863

(105) Anna Lea Merritt

War, 1883
See also Ophelia, etching and drypoint, 1878
See also etching based on her painting.; etching based on her painting

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