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Clara Peeters, Still Life with a Venetian Glass, a Rummer and a Burning Candle, 1607

Domestic Genres and Women Painters in Northern Europe

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Additional artist: Maria van Oosterwyck

See also examples of Dutch still life paintings by Heda and Heem at this site.

(49) Caterina van Hemessen

Portrait of a Man, c. 1550
See also Self Portrait, 1548.
See also Portrait of a Lady, 1551 and A Lady with a Rosary, about 1550.
See also Young Woman Playing the Virginals, 1548

(50) Probably after a design by Levina Teerlinc (or Teerling)

First Great Seal of Elizabeth I, 1559
Elizabeth I as a Princess, c. 1551 (attributed)

(51) Anna Maria Schurman

Self-Portrait, 1633
See also Portrait, engraving .

(52) Susanna van Steenwijck-Gaspoel

The Lakenhal,1642

(53) Johann Van Beverwijck

Illustration from Van de Wtnementheyt des Vrouwelicken Geslachts, 1643

(54) Judith Leyster

The Proposition, 1631
See also these paintings entitled The Procuress: by Honthorst, 1625, by Dirick van Baburen, and by Vermeer.
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(55) Vermeer

The Lacemaker, c. 1665-68
See also Nicolas Maes' The Lacemaker, 1650s.

(56) Judith Leyster

A Woman Sewing by Candlelight, 1663
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(57) Rachel Ruysch

Flowerpiece, after 1700
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(58) Clara Peeters

Still-life, 1611
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(59) Judith Leyster

Yellow-Red of Leiden, c. 1635
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(60) Jan Commelin

Illustration from Horti Medici Amstelodamensis Rariorum Plantarum Descriptio et Icones, 1697-1701
See also another example from above: Convolvulus Canariensis.

(61) Maria Merian

African Martagon, 1680
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(62) Rachel Ruysch

Flowers in a Vase, after 1700
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(63) Maria Merian

Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium, 1705
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