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Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Four Star Blanket

New Directions: A Partial Overview

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See also this site on the works of Native American artist Helen Hardin.

(236) Barbara Kruger

Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face), 1981
site with 17 images
site with 8 images
site with 9 images

(237) Jenny Holzer

Selection of Truisms, 1982 (JAI)
view at Guggenheim

(238) Cindy Sherman

Untitled, 1979

(239) Sherrie Levine

After Walker Evans, 1936

(240) Sonia Boyce

Missionary Position No. 2 from Lay Back, Keep Quiet and Think About What Made Britain So Great, 1985

(241) Shelley Niro

Portrait of the Artist Sitting with a Killer Surrounded by French Curves, 1991

(242) Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Site: Canyon de Chelly, 1980s
See 21 additional works

(243) Catherine Opie

Bo, 1994; another example

(244) Millie Wilson

Merkins from The Museum of Lebian Dreams, 1990-92

(245) Alison Saar

Love Potion No. 9, 1988

(246) Coco Fusco and Guillermo Gomez-Pena

Two Undiscovered Amerindians Visit Madrid, performed at the Walker Art Center, 1992

(247) Adrian Piper

Vanilla Nightmares No. 2, 1986
official website with online gallery

(248) Rosemarie Trockel

Cogito, Ergo Sum, 1988

(249) Rosemarie Trockel

Untitled, 1983

(250) Paula Rego

The Family, 1988

(251) Marina Abramovic

The Inner Sky for Departure, 1991 [scroll sideways]

(252) Rebecca Horn

The Turtle Sighing Tree (detail), 1994

(253) Rachel Whiteread

House, 1993
essay and picture
essay and picture

(254) Susan Hiller

An Entertainment, 1991

255 Silvia Kolbowski

The Model Pleasure Series, 1984

(256) Marie Yates

The Missing Woman (detail), 1982-84

(257) Mary Kelly

Post-Partum Document, Documentation VI (detail), 1978-79

(258) Mary Kelly

Corpus (supplication section), 1985
unillustrated essay

(259) Alexis Hunter

Considering Theory, 1982

(260) Mona Hatoum

Recollection, 1995
unillustrated essay

(261) Annette Messager

Historie des Robes, 1990
illustrated essay

(262) Fiona Rae

Untitled (green with stripes), 1996

(263) Dorothy Cross

Spurs, 1993

(264) Ida Applebroog

Donít Call Me Mama, 1987

(265) Louise Bourgeois

Arch of Hysteria, 1993

(266) Kiki Smith

Untitled, 1986

(267) Helen Chadwick

Glossolalia, 1993

(268) Margo Machida

Self-Portrait as Yukio Mishima, 1986

(269) Faith Ringgold

The Wedding: Loverís Quilt No. 1, 1986 (WATC)
official web site with 92 clickable images

(270) Maya Lin

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 1975

(271) Guerrilla Girls

poster, c. 1987
official web site

(272) Sophie Calle

Ghosts, 1991

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