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Alice Neel, The Pregnant Woman

Feminist Art in North America and Great Britain

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Featured Artist: Miriam Schapiro
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(220) Judy Chicago

"Virginia Woolf," The Resurrection Triptych, 1973

(221-222) Nancy Spero

Codex Artaud (details), 1970-71

(223) May Stevens

Rosa from Prison, 1977-80

(224) Magdalena Abakanowicz

Backs, 1976-82

(225) Miriam Schapiro

American Memories, 1977-80
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(226) Miriam Schapiro

Anatomy of a Kimono (detail), 1976
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(227) Joyce Kozloff

Hidden Chambers, 1975
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(228) Las Mujeres Muralistas

mural, 1974

(229) Judy Chicago

The Dinner Party, 1974-79

(230) Sylvia Sleigh

The Turkish Bath, 1973
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(231) Alice Neel

Pregnant Maria, 1964 (GWA)
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(232) Monica Sjoo

God Giving Birth, 1969

(233) Ana Mendieta

Untitled (Silueta Series), c. 1977

(234) Judy Baca

The Great Wall of Los Angeles (detail) begun 1976

(235) Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Labowitz

In Mourning and in Rage, 1977

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