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Niki de Saint Phalle, Bloum, Nana Jaune, 1995

Gender, Race, and Modernism after the Second World War

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See also works by Lois Mailou Jones and Elizabeth Catlett

(189) Pablita Velarde

Animal Dance, 1939-45
See additional links.

(190) Isabel Bishop

Virgil and Dante in Union Square, 1932 (JG)

(191) Irene Rice Pereira

Untitled, 1951
3 good images, clickable

(192) Lee Krasner

Noon, 1947 (JFAC)
See additional links.

(193) Dorothy Dehner

Scaffold, 1983 (WIA)
See also Untitled, ink and wc, 1951

(194) Louise Bourgeois

Femme-Maison, c. 1946-47 [interview with a similar drawing of the same time period]
See additional links.

(195) Louise Nevelson

Totem II, 1959
See additional links.

(196) Joan Mitchell

Cross Section of a Bridge, 1951
3 excellent clickable images

(197) Grace Hartigan

Persian Jacket, 1952
12 clickable images

(198) Helen Frankenthaler

Mountains and Sea, 1952 (MH)
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(199) Lee Krasner

Cat Image, 1957
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(200) Agnes Martin

Untitled No. 9, 1990
See other images at this site.

(201) Bridget Riley

Winter Palace, 1981
2 clickable images

(202) Lee Bontecou

Untitled, 1960
similar example
See 11 additional images

(203) Marisol

Self-Portrait, 1961-62
See additional links.

(204) Niki de Saint Phalle

Nana, c. 1965
other Nanas
See additional links.

(205) Louise Bourgeois

Fillette, 1968
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(206) Eva Hesse

Hang Up, 1966
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(207) Eva Hesse

Accession II, 1967
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(208) Faith Ringgold

Die, 1967
official web site with 92 clickable images

(209) May Stevens

Big Daddy, Paper Doll, 1968
See 7 additional works

(210) Betye Saar

The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, 1972
See additional links.

(211) Joan Snyder

Heart-On, 1975

(212) Audrey Flack

Leonardo’s Lady, 1974
See additional links.

(213) Lynda Benglis

For Carl Andre, 1970
See also Lynda Benglis Sculpture Gallery, images of 43 works
See also Knossos, gold leaf on plaster, 1978

(214) Jackie Winsor

Bound Grid, 1971-72
See 22 additional works

(215) Michelle Stuart

Niagara II, 1976

(216) Jennifer Bartlett

Rhapsody , 1975-76 (detail)

(217) Pat Steir

The Breughel Series (A Vanitas of Styles), 1981-83 (detail)
9 clickable images

(218) Alice Aycock

Maze, 1972
See additional links.

(219) Hanne Darboven

24 Gesange-B Form, 1970s
similar work

See also Annotated Bibliography of Women in the Visual Arts--1970-90

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