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Paula Modersohn-Becker, Naked Girl with Flowers, 1907

Modernist Representation: The Female Body

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(162) Paula Modersohn-Becker

Mother and Child Lying Nude, 1907
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(163) Paula Modersohn-Becker

Self-Portrait with Amber Necklace, 1906
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(164) Suzanne Valadon

Grandmother and Young Girl Stepping into the Bath, c. 1908
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(165) Gwen John

A Corner of the Artist’s Room, Paris, 1907-09
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(166) Suzanne Valadon

The Blue Room, 1923
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(167) Frida Kahlo

The Broken Column, 1944
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(168) Leonora Carrington

Self-Portrait, 1938
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(169) Kathe Kollwitz

"Attack," The Weaver’s Revolt, 1895-97
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(170) Gwen John

Young Woman Holding a Black Cat, c. 1914-15
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(171) Camille Claudel

La Valse, 1895
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(172) Marie Laurencin

Group of Artists, 1908
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(173) Florine Stettheimer

Cathedrals of Art, 1942 (unfinished)
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(174) Romaine Brooks

White Azaleas or Black Net, 1910
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(175) Romaine Brooks

The Amazon (Natalie Barney), 1920
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(176) Romaine Brooks

Self-Portrait, 1923
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(177) Man Ray

Coco Chanel, 1935

(178) Georgia O’Keeffe

The American Radiator Building, 1927
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(179) Georgia O’Keeffe

Black Hollyhock, Blue Larkspur, 1930
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(180) Emily Carr

Landscape with Tree, 1917-19

(181) Germaine Richier

The Batman, 1956
See also Grain and Tauromachy.

(182) Barbara Hepworth

Two Forms, 1934
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(183) Leonor Fini

Sphinx Regina, 1946

(184) Eileen Agar

Ploumanach, 1936
See this site on Agar and examples in the Tate.

(185) Toyen

The Rifle-Range, 1940

(186) Kay Sage

In the Third Sleep, 1944
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(187) Dorothea Tanning

Palaestra, 1947
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(188) Remedios Varo

Celestial Pablum, 1958
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See also Women of Surrealism

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