Gegen Abend, 1909

Additional Links to Gabriele Münter (1877-1962)

Abstrakt, 1914

Approaching, 1917

Autumnal Landscape, 1910

Black Mask with Rose, 1912 (WIA)

Blick auf das Gebirge, n.d.

The Blue Gable , 1911

Boating, 1910

Breakfast of the Birds, 1934 (WIA)

Child with Ball, 1916 (WIA)

Country House, 1908

Dark Still Life with Small Figures, 1910

Elmau in Winter, 1933

Farmhouse on the Hill, 1908

Flowers on dark background, 1951

Future (Woman in Stockholm), 1917 [same as Approaching above]

Interior, 1908

Jawlensky and Werefkin, 1908-1909

Kandinsky and Erma Bossi seated at a table, 1912

Kandinsky and Parrot, 1910

Lindenburg, 1908

Lower Main Street, Murnau, 1910

Man seated at a table (Portrait of Kandinsky), 1911

Kandinsky and Erma Bossi, After Dinner, 1912

Listening (Portrait of Jawlensky), 1909

Madonna with Poinsettia, c. 1911

Meditation, 1917

Murnau in May, n.d.

Portrait of Marianne von Werefkin, 1909

Portrait of a young woman (Bildnis Einer Jungen Frau), 1935

The Russians' House, 1931

St. Cloud (No. 3), n.d.

School House, Murnau, n.d.

Staffelsee in Autumn, 1923 (NMWA)

Tombstones in Kochel, 1909

View from her Brother's House in Bonn, n.d.

View with Church, 1910

Villas on the Hill, c. 1911

Illustrated essay on Kandinsky and Münter

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