Dove of Peace 1945

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Amore, 1931

The Coquette II, photomontage with collage, 1923-1925 (PHH)

Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany, 1919

Dada Panorama, 1919 (HOP)

Da Dandy, 1919

Degenerata, 1969

Dove of Peace, 1945 (HOP)

Fata Morgana, photomontage with watercolor, 1957 (PHH)

Grotesque, photomontage, 1963 (PHH)

Hochfinanz (High Finance), date

Jeunes mariés bourgeois dispute, 1919

Die Journalisten, 1925 (DDO)

Meine hause pruche, 1922 (GG)

Mutter, 1930 (GG)

Das schoene madchen (The Beautiful Girl), 1920

Strange Beauty (from the series: "from an ethnographic museum", 1929 (HOP)

The Strong Men, photomontage with watercolor, 1931 (PHH)

Unità di scoppio, 1955

10 untitled photomontages excellent images

8 untitled images

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