Costume design for Annensky's tragedy "Thamyris Kitharodos," 1916

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Abstract Composition, 1917-18

American Policeman (Gendarme Americain), 1926

City, 1913

The City at Night, 1919?

Construction, 1922-23

Costume design for "Les Equivoques, d'Amour," 1933

Costume model of a Martian guard for the film Aelita, c.1923

Costumes and set designs for Innokenty Annensky's tragedy "Thamyris Kitharodos," 1916 (several images)

Dynamics of Colourgouache and oil, 1916-18

Harlequin,, 1926

L'Homme reclamé [Publicity man], 1926

L'Homme sandwich [Sandwich man], 1926

Lady In Red,, 1926

Longhi I , marionette, painted wood and mixed media, 1926

Natura morta costruttivista, 1917

Sevr Bridge, 1912

Still Life, 1913

Still Life, Bowl of Cherries, n. d.

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