In the Dining Room, 1886

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The Artist's Daughter with a Parakeet, 1890 (NGA)

The Artist's Sister, Edma, with Her Daughter, Jeanne, watercolor, 1872 (NGA)

The Artist's Sister Edma Seated in a Park, watercolor, 1864 (NGA)

The Artist's Sister at a Window, 1869 (CGFA)

On the Balcony, Watercolor over graphite on paper, 1872

At the Ball, 1875 (CGFA)

The Bath (Girl Arranging Her Hair), 1885-1886

Boats on the Seine, 1871-2 (WIA)

In the Bois de Boulogne, watercolor over graphite, c. 1888

Portrait of Mme. Boursier and her Daughter, 1874 (CGFA)

The Butterfly Chase, 1874 (CGFA)

The Cage, 1885 (WIA)

Carriage in the Bois de Boulogne, watercolor, 1889 (CGFA)

The Cherry Tree, 1893 (CGFA)

The Cradle, 1872 (CGFA)

In the Dining Room, 1886 (CGFA)

Eugene Manet and His Daughter at Bougival, 1881 (CGFA)

Eugène Manet on the Isle of Wight, 1875

Figure of a Woman (Before the Theater), 1875-1876

In the Garden at Maurecourt, 1884 (CGFA)

Getting Up, 1886

Girl in a Boat, with Geese, 1889 (CGFA)

Hanging out the Laundry to Dry, 1875 (CGFA)

The Harbor at Lorient, 1869 (CGFA)

Head of a Girl, 1876 [see below: Woman with a Fan]

Hide and Seek, 1873

Mme. Hubard, 1874 (CGFA)

Interior, 1872

Julie with her Nurse, 1880 (CGFA)

Julie Manet and her Greyhound Laertes, 1893 (CGFA)

Julie Rêveuse (Julie Daydreaming), 1894

Lady at her Toilet, 1875 (CGFA)

Lady with a Parasol Sitting in a Park, watercolor, 1885 (CGFA)

Landscape, colored pencils, n.d. (NGA)

The Little Girl from Nice, 1888-89 (CGFA)

Little Girl with Doll, 1884

Little Girl Reading, 1888

The Mother and Sister of the Artist (The Lecture), 1869-70 (CGFA)

Peasant Hanging out the Washing, 1881 (CGFA)

Old Path at Auvers, 1863

On the Lawn, Pastel on paper, 1874 (CGFA)

Peonies, c. 1869 (NGA)

Plate of sketches (Head of girl, duck, and swan), drypoint, n.d.

Portrait of Marcel Gobillard (Little Boy in Gray), 1880

Portrait of Edma Pontillon (nee Morisot), 1871 (CGFA)

The Psyché (The Cheval Glass), 1876 (CGFA)

The Quay at Bougival, 1883 (CGFA)

Reverie Repos, drypoint, n.d.

The Sisters, 1869 (NGA)

Spring Landscape, colored pencils and graphite, c. 1890/1891 (NGA)

Summer (Young Woman by the Window), 1878 (CGFA)

A Summer's Day, 1879 (CGFA)

Two Girls, 1894 (WIA)

View of Paris from the Trocadero, 1871-2 (CGFA)

Villa at the Seaside, 1874 (CGFA)

Le Village de Maurecort, 1874 (CGFA)

Villeneuve-la-Garenne, 1875

Walk in the Boulougne Wood, drypoint, 1888/1890 (NGA)

In the Wheatfields at Gennevillers, 1875 (WIA)

Winter (Woman with a Muff), 1880 (CGFA)

Woman and Child in the Garden at Bougival, 1882 (CGFA)

Woman at her Toilette, 1875 (CGFA)

Woman in Black, 1878 (CGFA)

Woman with a Fan (Head of a Girl), 1876 (CGFA)

Young Girl by Window, 1878 (WIA)

Young Girl in White, n.d. (Tigertail)

Young Girl with a Cat, drypoint, n.d.

Young Girl with a Parrot, 1873

Young Woman Dressed for the Ball, 1879 (CGFA)

Young Woman Sewing in a Garden, 1881 (CGFA)

Young Woman with a Straw Hat, 1884 (NGA)

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