A Box at the Italians' Theatre, 1874

Additional Links to Eva Gonzales (1849-1883)

Portrait of Eva Gonzales by Manet, 1870

Afternoon Tea (On the Terrace), 1875 (The Athenaeum)

A Box at the Italians' Theatre, 1874 (CGFA)

Jeanne Gonzales, the Artistīs Sister, 1875—80

Indolence , 1871-1872 (The Athenaeum)

Lady with a Fan, pastel, c.1869-70

The Little Soldier, 1870

Morning Awakening, 1876 (CGFA)

La modiste, Gouache and pastel, c.1877

Le Petit Lever 1875-1876 (The Athenaeum)

Pink Morning, 1874

Portrait of Jeanne Gonzales in Profile , n.d. (The Athenaeum)

Portrait of a Woman in White, 1879 (The Athenaeum)

Reading In The Forest, 1879

Roses in a Glass, 1880-1882 (The Athenaeum)

Secretly, 1877-1878 (The Athenaeum)

La Toilette, n.d. (The Athenaeum)

White Shoes , 1879-1880 (The Athenaeum)

Woman in White, 1879 (WIA)

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