The Prisoner, 1907-8

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Aurora Triumphans, 1886

The Cadence of Autumn, 1905

Earthbound, 1897

Eos, 1895

Flora, 1894

The Gilded Cage, c.1919

Helen of Troy, 1898

Hero Awaiting the Return of Leander , 1885

Hope in the Prison of Despair, c.1887

Life Drawing and brief essay, n.d. (BS)

Life Drawing, n.d. (RC)

Life Drawing, n.d. (RC)

Life Drawing, n.d. (RC)

Love's Passing, 1883-4

The Love Potion, 1903

Lux In Tenebris, 1895

Medea, c.1889

Night and Sleep, 1878

Our Lady of Peace, n.d.

Port After Stormy Seas, 1905

The Prisoner, 1907-8

Queen Eleanor and Fair Rosamund, c.1905

The Red Cross (Allegory of Flanders), c.1916

A Soul In Hell, c.1916?

The Storm Spirits, 1900

William de Morgan, c. 1909

The World's Wealth (The Crown of Glory), 1896

The Worship of Mammon, 1909

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RC: Russell-Cotes Exhibition of Morgan's works

BS: Bob Speel

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