Anna Klumpke, Portrait of Rosa Bonheur

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photograph of Bonheur by André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri, c. 1871

Bergerie, lithograph, n.d.

Brizo, A Shepherd's Dog, 1864

Cody, Col. WM.F. (Buffalo Bill), (poster of), n.d.

Deer, graphite and watercolor, c. 1883

Head of a Dog, charcoal, 1869 (RBW)

Head of a Dog, charcoal and chalk, 1869 (RBW)

Head of a Royal Tiger, drawing, n.d.

The Horse Fair, 1853–55

Landes Peasants Going to Market, wc, n.d. (small image) (AMA)

A Limier Briquet Hound, c. 1880

Male Figure Study: Donkey Driver, drawing, n.d.

Palette, n.d.

Royalty at Home, wc, 1885

Sheep by the Sea, 1869

Two Male Figures, c. 1850-57

A Wagon and Team of Horses, 1852

Weaning the Calves, 1879

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