Self Portrait, c. 1635

Additional Links to Judith Leyster (1609-1660)

See also 6 additional works by Leyster

Carousing Couple, 1630
See also Hals' Young Man and Woman at an Inn, 1623

Children with a Cat and an Eel, 1640

The Concert, c. 1633, and biography
See also Jan Molenaer's Two Boys and a Girl making Music, 1600s.

A Game of Tric-Trac, 1631

Girl with Straw Hat, 1633-35

Jester, n. d.

Jolly Toper, 1629

Merry Trio, 1629-31

Portrait of a Man, n. d.

The Proposition, 1631

Self-Portrait, c. 1635

Serenade, 1629

Turn of the Cards, n. d.

Young Boy Playing the Flute, 1635

A young Lady holding a Lute with a Music Score on her Lap, with a Candlelit Interior, c. 1631

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