Virgin and Child, 1663

Additional Links to Elisabetta Sirani (1638-1665)

Galatea, 1664

Judith with Head of Holofernes, n.d.

Penitent Magdalen, n.d.
See also Reni's Penitent Magdalen, 1635

Portia Wounding Her Thigh, 1664

Portrait of Anna Maria Ranuzzi as Charity, 1665

Portrait of Beatrice Cenci, 1662

Rape of Europa, mid 17th century

Self Portrait, 1660 (WA)

Virgin and Child, 1663

[Virgin and Child], n.d. (small image)

[Youth in a turban], n.d. (small image)

School of Sirani: Allegory of Painting, n.d.

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