detail of Three Facades, 1973

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Around the World on the 44th Parallel, tile panels of North America, Europe, and Asia in the Mankato (Minnesota) State University's Memorial Library, 1995 (text as well as clickable images)

Three Facades, 1973 (small image)

Untitled, marble and glass mosaic medallion, floor of main concourse, new terminal, National Airport, Washington, D. C.

Untitled, Amtrak Station, Wilmington, Delaware 1984

Untitled, marble mosaic floor, Home Savings of America Headquarters Atrium, Irwindale, California, n.d.

Untitled, glass mosaic frieze, New York City exterior mural, 1991

"Crossed Purposes" exhibit site with details of Calvino's Cities on the Amazon, 1995; Jodhpur Blue: Indian, 1996; and Imperial Cities, 1994, all mm

commercial site with recent watercolors and paintings

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