The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, 1972

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Ball of Fire, Opalescent paints, pastel, colored wire with plastic and metal ornaments, glitter, and sequins on papier-mâché on gauze, 1985

Brides of Bondage, 1998 (AS)

Call to Arms, mixed media assemblage, 1997 (MR)

Coffee, mixed media collage with frame on paperboard, 2002 (MR)

The Differences Between , mm, 1989

Eyes of the Beholder, mm, 1994 (MR)

Her Feet Became Ships (detail--Voyages), mixed media installation, 1998 (AS)

House of Ancient Memory, 1989

Leader, 1997 (MR)

Lest We Forget, Upon Who's [sic] Shoulders, We Now Stand , Mixed media on three vintage washboards, 1998

The Liberation of Aunt Jemima, 1972

Loss of Innocence, 1998 (MR)

Maiden Voyage, mixed media on found painting, 1998 (AS)

Midnight Madonnas, 1996

The Mulato, mixed media on found watercolor, 1998 (AS)

My Last Buffalo, mm, 1973 (MR)

On Our Way (Metro station, Miami), baked enamel on copper plates, 1986

Rainbow Shrine, construction of wood box, bones and various found objects, 1975 (MR)

Redbone & Black: Scouts , mixed media collage on paper, 2001 (MR)

Secret Places, mixed media collage on handkerchief, 1981 (MR)

Shrine, mm, 1999 (MR)

A Siege of Sirens , lithograph, 1966

Spirit Catcher, 1976-77 (AS)

The Time Inbetween, wooden box containing photographs, magazine illustration, paint, envelope, metal, 1974

National Racism: We was Mostly Bout Survival, 12 color print, n.d.

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