Royal Tide II, 1961-3

Additional Links to Louise Nevelson (1899-1988)

Atmosphere and Environment XI, 1969

Black Chord, 1964

Black Zag A, 1968 (MAM)

Black Zag K, 1968

City on the High Mountain, Steel painted black, 1983

Dawn Shadows, 1983

Dawn's Wedding Chapel II, 1959

Drum, 1976

Frozen Laces I, n. d.

Mirror-Shadow, 1985

Moontide II, 1978

Mountain Figure, 1946-8

Night Sail, 1985

Rain Garden II, 1977

Royal Game I, 1961

Royal Tide II, 1961-3

Seventh Decade Forest, 1971-76

Sky Landscape II, 1979

Transparent Horizon, 1975

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