Metronomic Irregularity, 1966

Additional Links to Eva Hesse (1936-1970)

5 works at the Tate

Accession I, 1967

Addendum, 1967

Contingent, 1969 (SUNYSB)

(Test Piece for "Contingent", 1969

Enclosed, from the set: 7 Objects/69, tape, liquid rubber, powder, and balloons, 1969

Expanded Expansion, reinforced fiberglass poles and rubberized cheesecloth, 1969

Hang Up, 1966 (MH)

One More than One, 1967 (MH)

Right After, 1969

Sans II, fiberglass, 1968

Untitled, 1970

Untitled, watercolor, gouache, and graphite, c. 1963

Untitled, watercolor, colored inks, and collage on paper, 1964

Vertiginous Detour, acrylic and polyurethane on rope, net, and papier mache, 1966

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