Small's Paradise, 1964

Additional Links to Helen Frankenthaler (b. 1928)

Air Frame, from the portfolio "New York 10, 1965", silkscreen, 1965

Arden, 1961

Around the Clock with Red, 1983

The Bay, 1963

Before the Caves, 1958

Blue Rail, 1969

Captain's Watch, 1986

Essence Mulberry, color woodcut, 1977

Freefall, 1992

Interior Landscape, 1964

May 26th Backwards, color lithograph, 1961

Mountains and Sea, 1952

Nepenthe, aquatinit, 1972 (SI)

Robinson's Wrap, 1974 (MH)

Santorini, 1966

Seeing the Moon on a hot Summer Day, 1987 (MH)

Small's Paradise, 1964

Spiritualist, 1973

Summerscene, Provincetown, 1961

Sun Mountain, 1968

Tales of Genji I, 1998

Untitled, medium?, 1977 (SI)

Variation II on Mauve Corner, lithograph, 1969

Viewpoint II, 1979

Wales, 1966

White Makes Four, 1966

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