Chanel, 1974

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Amor Vincit Omnia, 1995, patinated and gilded bronze

Chanel, 1974 (AFD)

Civitas, 1993 (on design of 1989), bronze with patina
(head of Civitas, bronze, 1993)

Crayola, 1972-3 (AFD)

Energy Apples, 1980 (AFD)

Invocation, 1982 (AFD)

Jolie madame , 1973

Lady Madonna, n.d.

Marilyn (Vanitas), 1977 (AFD)

Rich Art, 1972-3 (AFD)

Queen, 1975-6 (AFD)

Queen Catherine Of Braganza, 1st maquette, 1994, patinated and gilded bronze, jewels and crystal ball

Quewe Pehelle, 1998, polychromed, patinated and gilded bronze

We Are All Light and Energy, 1981

Wheel of Fortune (Vanitas), 1977-8 (AFD)

essay by Flack

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