Sharecropper, color linocut, 1957

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All the People, lithograph, 1992

Bread (or The Right to Eat), linocut, 1968

Female Torso, black marble, 1998

Glory, bronze, 1981

Homage to Black Women Poets, mahogany, 1984

I Am the Negro Woman (The Negro Woman Series), woodcut, 1946

I Have Special Homes (The Negro Woman Series), woodcut, 1946

In Harriett Tubman, I Helped Hundreds to Freedom (The Negro Woman Series) , woodcut, 1946

Magic People , medium?, 2992

To Marry, lithograph, 1992

Mother and Child, 1993

Playmates, lithograph, 1992

Seated Mother and Child, bronze, 1982

Sharecropper, color linocut, 1957

Singing Head, black Mexican marble, 1980

Singing their Songs, lithograph, 1992

Im Sojouner Truth I fought for the rights of women as well as Negros, linocut, 1947

...and a special fear for my loved ones, linocut, 1947

Walking Blindly, lithograph, 1992

Woman Fixing Her Hair, mahogany and opals, 1993

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