Janus fleuri, 1968

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7 images from exhibit "Louise Bourgeois: Stitches in Time," Irish Museum of Modern Art

Arch of Hysteria, 1993 (BSP)

Articulated Lair, 1986

The Blind Leading the Blind, 1947-1949/1989

Blind Manīs Buff, 1984 (BSP)

Breasted Woman, 1949/50 (BSP)

Eyes, 1982

Femme Couteau, 1982 (BSP)

Fragile Goddess, 1970 (BSP)

Untitled (Germinal), 1967-95

Untitled (with foot), 1989

Harmless Woman, 1969 (BSP)

Henriette, 1985 (BSP)

Maman, steel and marble, 1999

Mamelles, 1991 (BSP)

Nature Study, 1984/94 (BSP)

Nature Study, Pink Fountain, 1984 (BSP)

Number Seventy-Two (The No March), 1972

Observer, 1947-49

the puritan, , hand colored engraving, 1947

Quarantania I, 1947-53 (cast 1981-4)

Ste. Sebastienne, second version, state VI, drypoint, 1992

Spider, 1996 (BSP)

Topiary, 1998

Trani Episode, 1971/72 (BSP)

Woman with Packages, 1949 (BSP)

Feminist Readings of Louise Bourgeois or Why Louise Bourgeois is a Feminist Icon, essay, no illustrations

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BSP: XXIII Bienal internacional de Sao Paulo

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