Self Portrait (vor Grünem Hintergrund), 1905

Additional Links to Paula Modersohn-Becker (1876-1907)

Birch Tree in a Landscape, 1899

Birkenstamm am Moorgraben, 1901

Fruit Tree in Bloom, charcoal drawing, 1900-1902

Die Gänsemagd, graphic work, 1899

Girl in a Red Dress, c. 1905

Half-Nude Woman Holding Her Hair Apart, charcoal with black and brown chalks, c. 1898

Mother and Child, drawing, n.d. (F)

Portrait of a Woman, charcoal and graphite, 1898

Kneeling Mother and Child, 1907

Peasant Woman in Profile Facing Right, charcoal, c. 1898

Poorhouse Woman with a Glass Bowl, 1906

Reclining Mother and Child, 1906

Self-portrait on the Sixth Day after Marriage, 1906

Self Portrait with Amber Necklace, 1906

Self-portrait with camelia, 1906

Standing Nude Woman with Arms behind her head, drawing, 1906

Still Life: The Breakfast Table, 1905

Still Life with Pitcher, Peonies and Oranges, c. 1906

Worpsweder Bauernkind auf einem Stuhl sitzend, 1905

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