Femme au turban, 1941

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Apollinaire et ses amis (2nd version), 1909

Artemis , 1908

Bacchante , 1911

Le bal elegant (detail), 1913

Les Biches (The Hinds), costume design, 1921

Les Biches/The Hinds, 1921

Femme au turban, 1941

La Fille Songeuse, 1941

Group of Artists, 1908

The Kiss, date?

Nouveau Langage des Fleurs, drypoint, n.d. (SILS)

Portrait of the Baroness Gourgaud with a Black Hat, 1923

Portrait of a Girl in a Hat, c. 1950

Portrait of Mademoiselle Chanel, 1923

Self Portrait, lithograph, n.d. (SILS)

Tête de jeune fille, drawing, 1928

Three Children and Two Dogs, 1940-50

Three Creole Women , n.d.

Two Women at Piano, 1913-14

Women in the Forest (detail), 1921

Young Woman with a Guitar, c. 1945

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