Self Portrait, lithograph, 1922

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Attack from the series "The Weaver's Revolt", etching, 1897

Brot [Bread], litho?, n. d.

Conspiracy from the series "The Weaver's Revolt", etching, 1897

Call of Death, litho? , n.d.

Coppia di amanti, sculpture, 1913

The Death of Karl Liebknecht, 1919

The Downtrodden (Zertretene), etching and aquatint, 1900 (SILS)

Family, lithograph, 1931 (SILS)

Grieving Parents (another image)

Head of a Peasant Woman, soft-ground etching, 1905

Lamentation, bronze relief, 1938

March of the Weavers from the series "The Weavers Revolt", etching, 1897 (SILS)

Never Again War, lithograph, 1924

Outbreak, from ?, etching, 1903

Pieta, bronze, 1937-38

Seed for the Planting Must Not Be Ground, lithograph, 1942

Self Portrait, bronze, n.d.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, lithograph, 1922 (SILS)

Self Portrait, ink and wash, 1924

Self-Portrait, etching, 1921

Self Portrait at the Table, etching and aquatint, 1893 (SILS)

Sharpening the Scythe, etching, 1905

The Survivors, litho?, 1923

Tower of Mothers, sculpture, 1937-38

Visit to the Hospital, woodcut, 1929 (SILS)

The Volunteers, woodcut, 1922-23

The Widow, portfolio cover for War, woodcut, 1922

Woman with Dead Child, etching, 1903

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