Stringed Figure (Curlew), Version II, 1956

Additional Links to Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975)

Tate Gallery, London-- this museum owns hundreds of examples of her work although not all are scanned

The Family of Man: Figure 2 Ancestor II, bronze, 1970

Figure for a Landscape, bronze, 1960

Figure in a Landscape, 1966

Figure in a Landscape, 1960

Heiroglyph, 1953

Minoan head 1972

Pelagos, 1948 (click on name)

Sea Form (Atlantic), bronze, 1964

Single Form (Memorial to Dag Hammarskjold), 1961-63 (SP)

Summer Dance, 1971

Two Figures, 1954-55 (click on name)

Two Figures, 1968

Wave, 1943-44



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