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Issues in Modern America

LAS 301-01 Spring 2002

Jeff Gundy


Following are numerous websites that students have discovered when writing their journals for this class. Click on a link in the table below to be taken to helpful websites organized by date.



1/10 The Missing Peace 1/22 The Missing Peace 1/31 The Missing Peace 2/19 The Color Purple 3/12 War Memorials 3/28 Do The Right Thing
1/15 The Missing Peace 1/24 The Missing Peace 2/05 Platoon 2/21 The Color Purple 3/14 War Memorials 4/2 Honky
1/17 The Missing Peace 1/29 The Missing Peace 2/14 The Color Purple 2/26 The Color Purple 3/21 Honky  


1/10: The Missing Peace

*            Lisa Bard                Lisa Bard             R. Eric Burdette            Jamie Burke

*  (On the Internet I found a web site that helps Native Americans against the major problems that they are facing in the country today.)          Matthew Chiles  (It is an outline of what Deganawidah followed when he gathered with the other lords together.)          Tony Cleveland            Kyle Cutnaw



1/15: The Missing Peace (The Treaty of Paris.)         Bradley Immel  (George Clymer, chairman of the committee of the Philadelphia Tea Party, and signer of the Declaration of Independence.)        Bradley Immel            Erika Keegan  (Quaker Peace Testimonies.)        Jill Kerlin            Lisa Langood (Gene Sharps Theory of Power.)           Angel Lombardo-Edwards



1/17: The Missing Peace            Rachel Mack            Amanda Mills (George Fitzhugh’s defense of slavery)            Magdalena Perz

*            Jennifer Peterson (On Hopedale, Mass.)                Jennifer Peterson (On the American Colonization Society)            Lori Pongtana (A Chronology of American Slavery )            Darin Riffle


1/22: The Missing Peace             Brittney Selden              Scott Van Eman            Philip Whitley             Ryan Zeman


1/24: The Missing Peace               Lisa Bard  ; (They show some posters encouraging women to work in factories.)              Ewa Budzynska

*            R. Eric Burdette  (Site with large collection of “unheard voices”—primary documents from women, working people, others whose lives are often left out of history.)            Jamie Burke            Matthew Chiles            Tony Cleveland            Kyle Cutnaw


1/29: The Missing Peace   (It shows just how tragic any war could turn out right on the cover of the page.)             Adam Drake            William Fisher (A site that contains eyewitness accounts of Pearl Harbor, the London Blitz, Blitzkrieg, Hiroshima and even a Japanese account of Pearl Harbor.  Also contains pictures of the destruction caused by these events.)            Bradley Immel            Erika Keegan (This website gives further accounts on the invention and dropping of the A-bombs.)            Jill Kerlin  (This website is really short and is written by a student, but I thought that his viewpoints on the prevention of WWII and alternatives to Hiroshima and Nagasaki were interesting (not that I necessarily agree with them.)              Jill Kerlin             Lisa Langood             Angel Lombardo-Edwards


1/31: The Missing Peace            Rachel Mack              Magdalena Perz             Jennifer Peterson  (This is the speech that Truman gave before congress about the threat of communism and what should be done to stop it from growing.)            Jennifer Peterson  (On George Wallace.)            Lori Pongtana  (National Security Council document 68.)             Darin Riffle              Steven Roach


2/05: Platoon             Roxann Biberstine             Roxann Biberstine              Matt McMahon            Kelly Sander  (This website really doesn't have anything to do with the war itself, but is a Vietnamese communist newspaper.)             Kelly Sander            Brittney Selden (In this article it goes into detail the after effects of war participants.)            Jon Spradling  (Letters home from a soldier during the war.)            Scott Van Eman             Ryan Zeman


2/14: The Color Purple            Lisa Bard  (The first one is about the sharecropping system, the second one about female jazz musicians.)            Ewa Budzynska  (Lists some facts about domestic violence, since it seems to be very relevant to the novel.)          R. Eric Burdette             R. Eric Burdette  (I chose a web site that had many facts and statistics about incest.)            Jamie Burke>  (The Internet site that I found is about Alice Walker.  It mainly tells her biography, and has a lot of links on it to look at.)            Matthew Chiles  (It describes the life of Alice Walker.)            Tony Cleveland             Kyle Cutnaw


2/19: The Color Purple   (This site is about the future of black America and how it's going to get a lot shorter if the judicial system doesn't do something about the racial effect on incarceration.)            Adam Drake  (It is a biography of Alice Walker.)            Bradley Immel              Erika Keegan  (This is a useful resource when reading the book.  It gives character analyses and overviews of the letters.)            Jill Kerlin  (This website has no real content, but does have some interesting questions to think about.)            Jill Kerlin   (This website gives statistics on domestic violence.)        Jill Kerlin            Lisa Langood            Lisa Langood

*             Lisa Langood  (This man tries to explain to other men how to understand a woman.)             Angel Lombardo-Edwards


2/21: The Color Purple            Rachel Mack            Amanda Mills  (I decided to have a website that would show the work of missionaries sent to Africa.)            Magdalena Perz  (FGM)              Lori Pongtana (Facial scarification.)            Lori Pongtana  African American Women’s Network             Darin Riffle  (The Web page I have chosen is The history of Africa.)            Steven Roach


2/26: The Color Purple            Brittany Selden            Brittany Selden             Scott Van Eman            Ryan Zeman


3/12: War Memorials             Ewa Budzynska             Ewa Budzynska (Here is a site on the bombing of Dresden.)            R. Eric Burdette  (The Internet site that I found was on trenches used in wars.)            Matthew Chiles  (It talks about the b-24 in some more detail.)            Tony Cleveland  (The website I found is related to inspiration.)            Kyle Cutnaw            Bradley Immel

http//   (I found a website that gives accounts of some soldiers during WWII and the repercussions it had on them.)            Jill Kerlin  (Gives a short description of the history and beliefs of snake handlers.)            Lisa Langood            Lisa Langood            Angel Lombardo-Edwards


3/14: War Memorials              Magdalena Perz             Magdalena Perz            Jennifer Peterson

*             Lori Pongtana            Brittney Selden             Ryan Zeman


3/21: Honky            Lisa Bard            Ewa Budzynska

*            Ewa Budzynska  (I found this site about the history of one of the first Mosques built in New York City.)          R. Eric Burdette  (The internet site that I found was a readers forum that talks to Dalton about his book and the way he feels about the things that were going on in his life as he was growing up.)         Matthew Chiles            Tony Cleveland  (Here is my web site for the response to Honky. It is a link to my hometown of Lorain, Ohio.)          Kyle Cutnaw


3/28: Do The Right Thing  (I thought this could be a valuable page for gaining a bit more understanding about King and Malcolm X's agendas.)            Roxann Biberstine,+Spike            Kelly Sander            Philip Whitley


4/02: Honky            Scott Van Eman            Bradley Immel,6000,468693,00.html             Jill Kerlin             Jill Kerlin            Lisa Langood             Angel Lombardo-Edwards            Rachel Mack             Amanda Mills  (It shows the origins and the history of the Lower East Side.)            Magdalena Perz            Jennifer Peterson            Jennifer Peterson  (Children and OCD.)            Lori Pongtana  (OCD information.)            Lori Pongtana  (The first website I found has information about Honky, including reviews, a summary, and a short bio of Dalton Conley.)            Steven Roach  (The second website I have is about a similar book, also by Dalton Conley.  It is a book about the differences in economic well being based on race.)            Steven Roach


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