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02/26/02 (The Color Purple)


Kelly Sander   


Brittney Selden 

In response to the reading: I found that when Celie received the telegram reporting the deaths of Nettie, Samuel, and her children. However, it wasn't true serves as a way to show the development of Celie's character. Celie accepts the possibility of Nettie's death and I feel this is showing that she's learned how to accept tragedy without letting it get the best of her. When Nettie first was missing from Celie's life it was the end, but now Celie has found that life is worth living.
In the same sense, Celie still loves Shug, but she no longer has a soul tie to her. Finally, she's found independence and she's complete. She has self-confidence now that causes her to be able to survive. Now she sees love in a whole new light, no longer does she see it as possession or control. She loves Shug, but she doesn't feel like she needs to tie shug down. Shug does keep her promise, and comes back, but Celie is content with the fact that if Shug hadn't came back that she wouldn't have destroyed herself by wanting something she couldn't have.

I found these to parts of the reading interesting in how they tied together in the end.

The changes that have taken place in Celie are more noticeable in this section of our reading than any other. It is almost like the roles of Sofia and Celie have reversed. Now Celie is the source of strength for Sofia, Celie is now the one that speaks her mind, Celie is now the one with a strong idea of who she is.

A very interesting part of the reading concerned Celie's religious awakening. It seems now that our previous thoughts of Celie being a very religious person were wrong. Celie faith of the past seems to be just another thing she did because it was expected.. Now, with Shug's help, she seems to have a real faith in God. Her faith seems to be her own now, she doesn't have to express it for herself anymore, she knows it is there.

This book has two very different escapes for its characters, knowledge and music. On one had the book focuses on what studies and knowledge can do to further a person and their life. On the other hand, the book shows Shug and Squeak escaping through music.. I wonder what Alice Walker was trying to say through these two very different paths for her characters.

One thing that wasn't clear to me in the reading was the situation when Nettie finds out their Pa isn't really their Pa. I didn't understand the story she told to Celie.

My website focuses on the idea of the Memphis blues scene. It has several biographies of legendary blues artist. The one of "Memphis Minnie" seemed to relate to the time and talents of Squeak and Shug.

Bukombe Shindika


Jon Spradling


Scott Van Eman

As with the rest of this book I am still really confused. I am learning however to make more sense out of it. It kind of surprised me the way Nettie talks about God and how she doesn’t write to him and stuff. It seems to me that she has almost lost faith in the traditional God and just kind of made up her own religion. One that fits her lifestyle and the way she has grown up. I can see though how being in a lifestyle like the one she was in though would kind of make you lose faith after a while.

Another thing that kind of through me for a loop and had me asking questions is the whole deal with Celie getting the letter that said the ship that Nettie was on sank and they drown. We keep reading that they are both sending letters and it seems like they are both receiving the letters but then Celie says she got back all the letters that she had written. So is Nettie actually dead or is Mr. ____ just trying to pull something? It also seems like Mr. _____  is starting to show a softer side towards Celie which is weird considering he use to absolutely despise her. He opens up to her and tells her the reason he hated her was because of Shug’s love towards her. This still makes me wonder why Celie talks to him though after all the stuff he has done to her. Then you find out he has asked her to marry him.

Shug does leave both of them though. It really has an effect on Celie. She talks in her letters to Nettie about how she thinks Shug doesn’t love her anymore and how she just looks in the mirror at herself and it depresses her. I don’t know really how to explain my feelings about Shug. I have mixed emotions about her. She is just kind of there and then gone.

For my webpage I picked this one because it gives all kinds of information on Alice Walker. It tells about her life growing up, and her inspirations. At the bottom of the page it gives a list of links for her writings and other information and sites to see about her. There is even a link that takes you to a interview with her. The website is :


Philip Whitley


Ryan Zeman

In the section of reading that our group had to focus on, I saw Celie come into her own and finally become the woman she deserved to be.  The ending of this novel mainly focused on the repatching of the womanhood of Celie, and how she finally became a confident and an independent woman.  She started a new beginning in her life and became prosperous in her business and also in her personal life. I find that to be very interesting because she went through a tremendous amount of abuse, physically, mentally, and sexually. 

It is great at the end of the novel that Celie is happy, but there are many scars in her life that still remain, emotionally and physically.  She went through a lot of suffering and pain to achieve happiness, which is not necessarily needed to achieve happiness, and most people that go through this type of suffering never are truly happy in their lifetime.  Celie life had a terrible beginning but finally was worth something in the end.  She used her self-will to become and independent woman instead of dealing with the hardships.  I believe that if you have the desire to change your life, it will happen, especially if you have a personal relationship with God and strongly believe He answers prayer.

The website I found,, dealt with the growth in the life of Celie and how she finally was able to stick up for herself.  One of the first quotes when she began this new feeling, was when she told Mr. ------, that she was sick off him and would like to see his dead body.  She also starts becoming more self-confident and using her own ideas and thoughts to make herself successful.  It shows that we can overcome our struggles and use our dignity to become prosperous.


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