Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert Cigar Corporation

  • Founded in 1888

  • Employed 4,000 in 19 plants across Ohio

  • Produced 300 million cigars per year at its height

  • Neil Armstrong's choice cigar was from DWG after returning from the Moon

  • Closed in 1990, it was the end of an era for Lima

The Deisel-Wemmer-Gilbert Cigar Corporation, known to most as DWG Cigar Corp., began with Henry Deisel. He began hand-rolling cigars in his house in Lima in 1884 and called them "Henry's Best." As popularity of the cigars grew Deisel hired 10 men to help him in 1886 and sold them in his shop on North Main Street. The workers went on strike in 1888 and Deisel was forced to bring in some partners to deal with the effects of the strike. He joined with the Wemmer brothers, Henry and William and called the new outfit the Deisel-Wemmer Company.
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