Public relations major

In addition to specialized public relations courses, the program will include classes in persuasion, argumentation, media studies and media writing, plus internships in the field. Instructors will be Drs. Gerald Mast and Zachary Walton, faculty members in communication.

Students will be prepared to enter a public relations labor market in which the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that demand will grow by 24 percent in the decade ending in 2018.

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A four year plan provides a guideline for courses leading to a major in public relations.

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Student StorY

Alex Parker

  During the season of Hollywood blockbusters, junior Alex Parker took part in a different type of production this summer: he played Ohio historical figure Isaac Zane in an outdoor drama. Alex, who is double majoring in public relations and public health, enjoys acting because of the wide variety of personas he gets to adopt. “What I like about acting is that it lets you do things that you can’t do anywhere else,” he says. “I’ve been a soldier, a 1700s settler, a neurotic father and even a book! Acting opens new worlds, and that’s why the stage is my second home.” >>>more


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