Oratorical Contest

C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest Archive

Speeches from the 2012 C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest:

2011 Contest:
  • Rachel Giovarelli, 1st place: "The Last Mile: Finding Peace without Ending Life."
  • Katie Wineland, 2nd place: "Criminal Injustice: Collateral Consequences and the Gospel of Reconciliation."
  • Brandi Dominique, 3rd place: "Who Said America was an Obese Country? Hunger in America."


2010 Contest:
  • Jason Frey, 1st place: "The Gospel of All Monsters: Loving the Alien Within and Without"
  • Kristen (Shelly) Matthews, 2nd place: "A Case for a Safe Space: Evaluating the Potential for a Safe Zone Program at Bluffton University"
  • Jake Short, 3rd place: "Peace Journalism: The Futility of Dualism and Sensationalism and How the Church Must Work to Restore 'The Fourth Estate'"

2009 Contest:
  • Anna Yoder, 1st place: "Enough is enough: Rethinking what it means to be a peacemaker"
  • John Mark Stratford, 2nd place: "Whose side is Isaa on?: WWJD concerning present-day Palestine-Israel"
  • Rachel Giovarelli, 3rd place: "Extending forgiveness and grace to those who harm you"

2008 Contest:
  • Anna Yoder, 1st place: "Extending the Table: The Blessing of the Stranger in Our Midst"
  • Laura Frey, 2nd place: "Breaking Down the 'Figurative Border': A Call for Renews Christian Response to Militarization of the US/Mexico Border and Racial Profiling Against Latinos"
  • Sarah Ricks, 3rd place: "Mountain High: A Critique Presentation of Go Tell It On The Mountain"