Minister in Residence


Bluffton University's ties to its denomination, Mennonite Church USA, are very important. One way that the university strives to strengthen its ties is by inviting pastors of MC USA congregations to campus through the minister in residence program. This program began during the 1985-86 academic year with the goal of increasing dialogue and understanding between Bluffton University and MC USA congregations, via their pastors. 

Each minister in residence experiences life on campus through tours, by visiting classes, eating meals with students, staying on campus in guest accommodations and attending campus events happening during their visit. He/she meets with professors  in the religion department, various staff, Pathways Scholars, members of the President's Cabinet and visits The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center. The pastor is also invited to bring the message at the weekly Thursday morning chapel service. Minister in residence visits are a mid-week event usually beginning on Tuesday morning. This includes attendance at the weekly Forum and faculty/staff luncheon and extends through lunch on Thursday. To assist congregations in sending their pastor for a visit, all expenses incurred by the visit, including travel expenses, are paid by the university.