Student services

A special advantage of the small university is the personal relationships possible between students and members of the faculty and administration. The student life program of the university is under the direction of the vice president for enrollment management and student life.


New undergraduate students entering in the fall are asked to attend a one-day registration/orientation program during the summer and a three-day orientation program that takes place during the days before classes begin. The program is designed to orient students and their families to each other and to all phases of the university program. New students will also be asked to participate in a summer reading program. A complete outline of the orientation programs is made available through the admissions office or can be accessed through Bluffton's web site.

Room and board

All students not living at the primary home of their parents are required to live in one of the university residence halls.

Rooms in the residence halls are furnished with beds, dressers, desks, chairs and drapes. Any additional furniture and furnishings must be provided by the student. Students must furnish their own linen, bedding and toilet articles. The university cannot insure the personal effects of students.

All students living in university residences are required to purchase one of the meal plans available through the dining services program.
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Student resident advisors

Upper-class students are selected each year to serve as resident advisors in the residence halls; they are responsible to the hall directors. Available at all hours to any student, the resident advisor plays an important role in helping students adjust to campus life.

Student health service

Bluffton maintains a health service under the supervision of the student life office.

Each new undergraduate student is required to submit a Medical History Form to the health service prior to enrollment in classes. This must include documentation of a TB test taken within six months prior to admission, two MMR shots, and a Tetanus-Diphtheria booster shot taken within the last 10 years.

Residential students must sign the Meningitis/Hepatitis status form on page 2 of the Medical History Form.

Athletes must submit a Bluffton University Preparticipation Physical Exam form prior to participating in athletics each academic year. This form must be signed by a licensed medical physician (not a chiropractor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant).

The Health Center is staffed by a mid-level practitioner with prescriptive rights five days a week (9 a.m.-1 p.m. during the school year). More info...

After-hours students can go to the Bluffton University Medical Clinic at the Blanchard Valley Hospital and be seen at no charge. The Blanchard Valley Regional Health Center Bluffton Campus is located minutes away from the university. Twenty-four hour emergency room care is available.
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Health insurance

A health insurance plan is available to all students. Students will automatically be billed for the health insurance unless a waiver card is signed. On the waiver card, the student must provide the name and number of her/his health policy. The student is responsible for all hospital and doctor's expenses if the insurance policy has been waived. Questions concerning the health insurance plan should be directed to the business office.

Motor vehicle privileges

All automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes and motor scooters owned or operated by employees or students and brought to campus must display an official university motor vehicle parking sticker. Vehicles must be registered in the business office. Students are permitted to park their vehicles only in authorized parking areas.  More info...

Center for Career & Vocation

The Center for Career & Vocation is located in Musselman Library and provides a variety of services to students and alumni. Individual career counseling, small group workshops, job vacancy listings, career newsletters and materials in the Career Library assist students in the various phases of career and life planning.   More info...

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