Honors program at Bluffton College

The Honors Program at Bluffton is a four-year program designed to challenge intellectually ambitious, highly motivated students in all disciplines. While pursuing their major field of study, students enroll in honors courses allowing in-depth, creative study of topics related to the core curriculum and to the major.

Honors students will enroll in one course each semester, for a total of eight courses in the program. In keeping with the mission of Bluffton College, the Honors Program has a special emphasis on integrating academics, spiritual growth, individual growth and service. The program includes "active learning" service components that ask honors students to apply what they have learned in their honors classrooms to needs identified on campus and in the community.

Finally, in addition to coursework, the program sponsors special cultural events and social events for honors students and individualized help with advising and applications to graduate and professional schools. Entering first-year students and first-year students who are interested in applying for the program should contact the Registrarís Office.

HON 101 Honors Seminar I: Journeys of an Educated Person (1)
Students will explore answers to the question, "What does it mean to be an educated person?" With the guidance of a faculty instructor, students will investigate the ways in which definitions of "educated" may vary and the ways in which oneís definition of "educated" may affect oneís identity and individual growth. A service component of the course asks honors students to present the results of their semester-long investigation to the rest of the first year class. The course will also serve as an introduction to honors study.

HON 102 Honors Seminar II: Practices of an Educated Person (1)
Students and a faculty instructor will investigate the relationship between education and action. The first half of the course will be a "mini-course" presenting information on an academic topic chosen by the faculty instructor. In the second half of the course, the students, with the guidance of the faculty instructor, will apply the information in the course to a problem or issue on the BC campus. A service component relating to this issue will be determined by the students and the faculty instructor.

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